Fundamentals of Healing Yourself

A guide into the reality of healing.

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Art by moonassi.


How do you heal yourself?

What can you heal yourself of?

And who or what is being healed?

It’s important to look at these questions first, and understand them. After all, what is the premise of healing? On what basis are you healed?

Isn’t it life that heals you?

And if it is life that heals us, then what can we do to supply or support this healing process?

So, please, let’s start from the beginning:

There is the healing of the wound. Say you cut yourself, or you fell and scratched your knee.

First of all there is the process of and within the body that heals the wound unconsciously - meaning without requiring any of your conscious awareness.

If you had to heal the wound consciously, you’d be busy every second of the day - or even three days - to get the wound to heal, while you are unable to do anything else, because it is such a complex task.

The miracle is that it happens by itself - just like your digestion. You don’t have to consciously digest your food. All you have to do is to consciously chew and swallow it. The rest is done by your body.

It happens by itself.

What about the wound where we fall to the ground, get scratched and the wound is left all dirty?

Isn’t removing the dirt from the wound an aspect of healing, too? It certainly is.

This aspect of healing is called love.

It is to go out of your way to do something to reinstall the beauty and wonder of life you know is there. That is the recognition of love and life inside, and you act from there.

It is an aspect of healing, because you care.

To care for anything’s survival is love.

What gets in the way

What gets in the way of the healing process?

You do. Or: Your person does.

Meditation, the simple art of being present, which I’m going to explain in more detail later, is important to healing, because it allows you to see this person, which you think you are, but are not.

You are life.

But the person is a restriction of life - or a constriction. The person has so many beliefs, needs, and wants, which all interfere with the natural state of being and the healing process, which is life itself.

How unimpeded the healing process can be - in some instances even instantaneous - is revealed only when you get rid of the person. There is really nothing I can do to make you see the person you think you are, but are not.

I may speed up the process by pointing you inside beyond the scope of your conceptualizations, but I can’t snap my fingers for you to just know it, because it’s life that provides the knowledge. I am only an external circumstance summoned by your intelligence to give you strength, clarity and direction.

It takes a long time of acute attention to your problem to see the person - and the only problem is your person. So meditation comes in to help you stop wasting time, and get to the point.

In some instances you may already know what your person is, but I’ll tell you anyway:

Your personality is all your negativity.

It is that which grows out of the emotions and aims to defend itself, its negativity. (Not to be confused with one’s character, which are the unique traits.)

To see negativity in its full scope and magnitude takes a lot of intelligence, which all of humanity has at least in principle. The idea is to rise above your own person, and see your negativity - the constriction or denial of life and love.

It’s often expressed in thinking, emotion and feeling, when these are used to perpetuate a “reality” that is self-created, because these three modes change your perception and turn life into what it is not.

To escape or deny reality is the very definition of selfishness - and selfishness is the opposite of love.

When you penetrate through all your ideas into a higher state of consciousness beyond your person, you are actually directly in the healing state.

You are no longer suffocating the flow of life, which is the first and most important aspect of healing yourself more quickly. In other words:

Don’t worry - be joyous!

Healing, of course, occurs all the time, because life rejuvenates your body even now. The fact that you are getting older is irrelevant - you are renewed every moment with the joy of life.

This is the love of life or God.

If you don’t have life in your body, you are dead.

However, the point is, and why I’m going into healing in the first place:

You can remove the constrictions of the person through understanding yourself to such an amazing degree that you may unlock states of sheer unimpeded healing.

In other words: You cut out time and rejuvenate yourself directly/consciously.

At this instance just know that it is life that heals - not your person.


What can be healed

Fundamentally, you can heal anything that has accumulated time since you were born.

There are two times in existence:

The time since you were born.

And the time of existence, or the universe.

The time since you were born is the past in you - and all that is a negativity compared to the positivity of simply being present now. The past is death to the present.

The present has no past in it, and therefore doesn’t need healing. When you are enlightened, you live utterly in and as the present moment and there is nothing more to heal - your karmic debt is reduced to zero.

You don’t have any past reference anymore. You are not bound. That doesn’t mean you can’t die from a disease like cancer. It only means you are not affected by it, because you have removed all past and therefore severed all connections to any identification with your mind, or your body.

You are free - beyond all manifestation. You realize your true nature is pure being, and any blemishes that occurred in it were only the ill-perceptions of the mind - an idea believed in.

You’ve been washed clean.

The ultimate healing, therefore, is knowing yourself.

When you know yourself, there is no further need for healing.

But that’s not quite what we’re concerned with here, as we’re going into healing now.

In some cases you may even have to “heal” yourself before you can begin to know yourself more, which is part of living.

I’m merely endeavoring to present to you as whole a picture as I can, so you aren’t left in the dark or remain with questions.

Obviously, if you’re looking for healing, chances are it is because you want to induce some positive change. At this moment simply know that the ultimate positive change is to realize the pristine, changeless nature of your true being.

Now let’s get on with it.

As I said, there is the time since you were born:

You collected all your problems there, physical & psychological.

You can do something about those, and heal them, but it requires that you pay - and in some cases you find you have to pay pretty heavily.

All true payment in the spiritual life, as you will discover, is with yourself - your time or your ignorance.

Why you need healing

First of all, why do you need healing?

Because you were ignorant.

That is the time (or past) that has accumulated in your body as all your life problems.

To realize that you ARE ignorant is the realization of enlightenment as we’ve spoken of above.

But let’s look at your past ignorance.

Through not facing up to the truth of life and living as an integrated being, you have gathered all the problems in your life that people typically gather through unconscious living.

And that’s karma.

Conscious living, on the other hand, is to be utterly conscious of your true nature every moment of your life, which doesn’t produce karma and, in fact, even dissolves it.

As an individual you are only responsible for the unconsciousness you have gathered since you were born (or that you were born with), which is what you’re going to have to dissolve.

You are not responsible for the ignorance of the entire mass of people of the Earth, which is another sort of time than your own - even though you can take more and more responsibility for it, but so far nobody has yet succeeded in taking responsibility for the entire mass of population: neither the Buddha, nor Jesus, nor anyone else.

And no one will ever do it for you, because there are no external saviors: It would be an insult to your individual consciousness and the way you’ve (unconsciously but still) chosen to create your life.

The masses are still ignorant, and will remain ignorant for thousands and maybe even millions of years to come.


Because mass is ignorant.

But for YOU there is hope, because as an individual you can rise above the cause of ignorance within yourself.

At this moment in time only the individual can escape.

Now let’s look at the other time - the time of the universe:

Everything in existence is time. Every rock is time. Every tree is time. Every piece of so-called matter is time.

Time is what causes consciousness to slow down and become matter.

(Though it would be more accurate to say that due to an apparent curvature in the awareness time is created. Though I realize it takes quite an extraordinary level of insight to see this. Just a side note, anyway.)

The whole of existence is perfect as it is, and it doesn’t need healing.

It’s only us that need healing, because we’ve made so many mistakes in the past as far as our psychological makeup goes. We all have gathered psychological time.

We’ve believed in so many things. We’ve entertained so many emotions, beliefs, thoughts and feelings, when the reality is stillness.

We’ve been ignorant of our true nature.

And it is this ignorance that deteriorates our bodies at unnatural rates.

The ignorance of the entire human race lurks just within the human psyche - your psyche - and it is that which plays itself out as all the negative emotions and problems in the world as well as your life.

It is this fundamental ignorance that is responsible for the rapid decay of my body, as well as all the diseases we get.

Why else would my tooth fall out, if it wasn’t for some fundamental ignorance that is at play here?

I’m simply endeavoring to communicate the idea of healing to you at all levels. These are the fundamentals.

If you don’t quite see, understand or can confirm everything yet, don’t worry - I just want to say it so you’ve heard it once, because that’ll change your consciousness.

You can still practice what I teach in a few of the following chapters and have success with it, granted that you actually do it. No need to believe in anything.

However, the truth is: Sometimes you can’t be healed, because life decides whether this body lives or not.

By giving gratitude and getting rid of your selfish person, you may indeed alter your circumstances - but if your life’s destiny is to die of cancer, or AIDS, or get run over by a car, or to die of some other horrible disease, then you can’t do anything about that - it’s going to happen.

And it doesn’t matter. Everybody dies.

Fortunately, you aren’t quite the body, but the awareness behind it all.

What you can do in such incurable cases (if they are, talk to your doctor, or someone else) is surrender to the Divine will that is behind every moment of your life.

In that there is peace and a knowledge that something cannot die here.

That’s what the Buddha did, for instance.

He also died of old age or some other disease as far as his body goes.

However, he is still alive as the intelligence that surrendered its own ignorance with the body.

The point is: You cannot prevent death.

And death is nothing to be afraid of, anyway, because it only means a new phase opens up, and the old is left behind, which is wonderful.

The intelligent thing to do in this existence is to give up your self-will, which is your person - the trouble-making problem in your life.

Then you won’t be inflicting any more suffering on yourself springing from your own ignorant (selfish) wrongdoing.

I trust this is making some coherent sense to you.

If you take to heart what I’ve said up until this point, you will eventually start healing yourself and your life without further instruction.

Where you’re going wrong

Now let’s go a level deeper:

You need to understand that many of your bodily ailments are due to a wrong idea of your body.

What this really means will be revealed to you, once you start practicing being honest to life, and also what I’ve included in the upcoming chapters.

Most of your ailments actually come from thinking.

Thinking creates a wrong idea - even of your body.

You think your arm is this or has a certain shape - but really it’s not that. Your internal image of your body - your psychic body - may be all distorted, which will manifest as physical ailments after enough passage of time.

What I mean by this you will eventually discover for yourself. Thinking has created a thought-image of your body, which is all messed up and wrong - quite inaccurate.

Many of your bodily ailments are a one-to-one mapping of ignorant thought-patterns you have.

These thought patterns can range from gross to subtle, or from surface level to deeply ingrained – like cycles that repeat themselves every 5 seconds vs. cycles that repeat themselves every few years.

Thus, it can take a lot of observation and life experience to dive into these patterns, which are essentially karma.

For instance, tension in the body, which can even lead to organ failure, in the vast majority of cases is a manifestation of thinking patterns:

When you dissolve those patterns of wrong thought, the tension goes.

Alzheimer’s disease, for example, is another thinker’s disease. It comes from thinking about your life rather than living it.

You should not think about your life or have self-consideration, because that interrupts the psychic flow of life, which should be free-flowing with no thought to stop it.

(You want to keep your experience pure and only use the mind where it is proper - and in the proper way, which is reason.)

The psychic flow of life comes up from inside your body and creates everything that is in front of your eyes:

As you are within, so your life is without.

Newborn babies have unimpeded psychic flow, because they don’t hold on to their experience to think about it.

But what they don’t have is a developed mind that is capable of reason to make sense of its external circumstances.

What we have started doing, however, is think about our experience, which stops the beautiful psychic flow of unimpeded experience or life.

We go over and over the same old experience in a mental image in an endeavor to selfishly relive it, causing us to completely miss the life that is here now.

(If you are scientifically minded, you will appreciate that it’s already proven that thinking about past trauma is pretty much the same as reliving it and going through it again - consider all that unnecessary tension and suffering you impose on yourself! All because of a mis-use of the mind.)

We interrupt the psychic flow of life as the beautiful experience of life by our selfish thinking.

The fact is:

Most of the time you don’t need to think to live your life intelligently.

You need to look.

Look at your problem and just see it rather than thinking about it, and the solution will become pretty self-evident - for every problem contains its solution, when viewed totally.

There is no need whatsoever to think about most of the stuff in your life.

If you think aimlessly, you are being selfish, because you do it to entertain your thoughts, feelings and emotions to create a world of your own - and most of the time all we can imagine is pain and suffering, because that’s what the past shows us, or at least we like to reflect on it.

Sure, you can also think about “the good old days”, but I wouldn’t recommend it:

First of all you’re giving your mind allowance to aimlessly think, which will invariably lead you to think about the not-so-good, and second of all, what good is there in the past anyway? Life is now!

Please observe this for yourself - it is a mighty piece of self-knowledge.

Now, let’s go on to the amazing depths of healing, which you likely have never seen before.

Healing - a state of pure consciousness

Unfortunately, I can’t just write a few pages and translate into your experience the depth of what I’m endeavoring to share with you. What I’m sharing has pretty much never been seen before by the world - or at least never been made explicit - because the world dwells utterly on the surface level of perception.

When you go deeper into the truth, the impossible becomes possible.

It is only time that makes things seem impossible and separates them.

But here you step out of time entirely and enter another place.

Time is only an idea in consciousness. One day - if not now - you will see this. You won’t have to believe it, you won’t think it, you won’t conclude it - you will see it utterly in front of you.

And it won’t be the person that sees it, because the person cannot see it - the person itself is already an idea existing in time. The way to heal yourself is to step out of your person - more and more.

Beyond your person lies infinite possibility, because you aren’t bound by the constraints of time anymore.

So how do you step out of your person?

The first step to doing that is to understand what your person is.

I already told you it’s pretty much all your negativity, but you have to start seeing it for yourself by paying increasing amounts of attention to every area of your life.

In other words: You have to become conscious.

How to enter the healing state

Since the person isn’t real, the way to disidentify with your person is stillness.

In stillness all that is unreal eventually disappears.

The person can’t be still, because it consists of movement.

Thought, feeling, emotion, belief are all movements.

When you are still, you eventually drop down into a deeper level of yourself - or equivalently: rise above the person into a higher level of yourself - where the person does not exist. Stillness, you see, is not congruent with the movement of the person, and so disidentification naturally takes place.

This is the beauty of stillness - it works, it works, it works.

It doesn’t matter how confused you are, it doesn’t matter how uneasy you are, It doesn’t matter how much you think something is happening or how much you worry you don’t understand what I’m saying or can’t remember any of it…

Stillness overcomes all doubt and illusions without you having to worry about it or try to work it out: You will simply see for yourself.

Stillness prevails always.

At the moment of stillness you realize that all the crazy things you thought were happening were simply the delusions of your mind - believed into existence due to false identification - a wrong idea, quite simply.

At the moment of stillness you may even see that the life you thought you were living is entirely unreal - has no basis in reality whatsoever.

Stillness is the way - and that’s meditation.

So how are you still?

This is very important now:

You are still, by not engaging with what you think or feel is happening.

You STOP acknowledging your personal and mental make-up.

You stop worrying about it. You stop entertaining it.

You no longer give in to it.

You hold your ground as still, observing presence of all that is happening in front of you.

The more you do this, the more power you get.

Power comes from being what you are in reality - instead of being what you are not in existence, which is the loss of all power.

This is the fundamental truth of healing.

It is not based on visualization, imagination, hope, belief, wishing or any other movement - it’s based on stillness and that allows life to move and heal where there has been lack of life.

When you transcend your person through stillness, you are catapulted or plunged into a higher, more profound area or dimension within yourself, where you can operate at a much “realer” or more profound level.

You will have knowledge immediately, because this place is immediately recognized as familiar, when you enter it.

So don’t worry about what this state or place is, or how you will know it. Endeavoring to know it intellectually is still the resistance, presence or imagination of the person.

Just be easy and acknowledge you’ve heard everything once - no need to remember or turn it into concepts. What is real will happen by itself without your effort.


You can set an intention to heal yourself.

This is another aspect of healing.

Say you have a problem, physical or psychological in nature. You can consciously set an intention to deal with this issue.

That means you give up your time and attention to intelligently look at this problem without interpreting or running away.

In other words: You take responsibility.

This action - the conscious attention to a problem of yours - is gradually going to reduce said problem.


Because all problems are a result of ignorance, and ignorance cannot survive under honest, intelligent observation.

Instead, it survives by making you draw conclusions, or feel something or other.

But what we’re developing now is honesty.

To look unemotionally, unwaveringly at your problem has a great honesty in it with which you appeal directly to the integrity of life - and life will deal with the problem for you, which is an aspect of healing a situation.

But you can’t have any demands on what the outcome should be, or have any expectations, because then your intent isn’t pure - it’s personal, or ignorant, and you’re putting personal constraints on what should be free-flowing.

Ignorance always produces more karma. And what’s karma?

Time - more time you have to spend with your problems.

Purity of intention is a powerful act of consciousness, which can solve problems for you without you apparently taking any action: All the action is inward, it is conscious.

It’s the surrender of what is unreal.

As you are within, so your life is without.

As you purify yourself your external circumstances start to change.

The coworkers harassing you will die, be moved, or you get a new opportunity. Your pain, wound or condition miraculously heals, or you find it’s not a problem anymore.

That’s the integrity of life:

What you give - what you really give - you get.

But you must be very pure and honest and not put more selfishness and personhood into the psyche, because it breeds problems in your life.

The only thing standing between you and the joy of life is your person.

Please observe this for yourself.

Your personal identification can’t be honest to life as it is, because it has self-investment and self-interest - it has something to lose in being honest and facing life as it is.

Sensation vs. Feeling

Before we go on to the next chapter, which is putting the attention on or within the body, there is an important distinction we have to make:

The distinction is sensation vs. feeling.

Most of the human race does not know the difference between sensation and feeling, but it’s important that you’re aware of the difference.

Sensation is the fact - it’s what’s produced by your bodily senses.

Feeling is an interpretation of the fact.

Say you are in the sea. You may remark that it feels good to be in the sea, but that’s not the truth.

The truth is that it is sensational to be in the sea. Whether it feels good or not has nothing to do with the fact of being in the sea.

In the same way the temperature of the water is also sensational.

That it is either warm or cold is not the fact, it’s an interpretation - a feeling.

Sensation is always immediate, and the way the body informs you.

Feeling, on the other hand, is a mind-movement that interprets your sensation for you, and if your personal identification is very strong, it’s mostly based on past impressions or something that you want.

Your body creates sensory existence for you, which is the universe and the fact of where you are at any moment: Your body is the center of the universe as far as you are concerned.

And the only fact in existence is where your body is right now.

The fact is always now - it is this moment in time. It is not in thought, or feeling or in imagination, but rather in sense.

So we have the fact, which is this moment in time now.

Then we have feelings, which are an interpretation of the fact, and that creates the past and the future.

And then there is the truth, which is timeless.


Now let’s use the distinction between sensation and feeling and look at the aspect of healing, which is to do with putting the attention on the body.

Another word for putting the attention on or within the body is “apperception”.

It is to perceive within the body or, more accurately, to perceive the body within your awareness.

Let’s start with an example:

Say you have a knee ache.

What do you do?

First of all, you look at it intelligently.

What is intelligent looking?

It is looking without interpreting what I’m seeing - looking with pure intention - endeavoring to understand without holding a notion or trying to form a concept of what I’m seeing.

Intelligent looking is examining what is there rather than judging, interpreting, or feeling what is there.

Don’t just feel the pain, if you have any, because that quickly excites the mind and turns into suffering - see the pain and isolate it from all imaginations within your awareness using focused attention and your newly gained knowledge of what is real.

Apperception is to move from the unreality of feeling towards the reality of sensation inside your body.

Let’s practice this a bit:

See, if you can get the pure sensation (no feeling interpretation or thoughts about it) in your hands - then your arms - your feet - your legs - your head - your chest - your belly - and the final step, if you can do it:

Your whole body.

Do you notice how every body part comes with its own unique sensation and is finer in some parts than in others?

Do you also see that when you focus on the sensation, you cannot think?


A miracle and nugget of self-knowledge contained in the practice of apperception is that you stop all unnecessary mind-movement and get into your actual body, which removes ignorance:

You ground yourself in the actuality of being.

The next insight is that a similar level of perception also helps you deal with the outer reality:

Whether you look inside your body or outside your body (where you have problems in the world) doesn’t matter.

Intelligent looking solves your problem.

So when you have a physical (or even psychological) ailment, do this:

Lie down (or sit down), relax. Take the necessary time. Don’t have any immediate appointments with anything or anyone. Give your time to the healing of your body and simply see all the internal movement surrounding the ailment without judgement.

This is love, and also consciousness.

Develop the power to discern the sensation of your body from your mental makeup of thoughts, feelings and emotions.

This immediately purifies the situation and makes space for life to come in.

When you do it rightly - which eventually you will, because the pain and suffering of life will compel you to be honest - you can start healing yourself by understanding yourself more.

Penetrate through the layers of concepts, feelings, thoughts, emotions, and discontent that is right around the pain or discomfort.

Be still.

Endeavor to perceive clearly, and clarify your perception by not giving in to what you feel is happening.

This fundamental shift in consciousness will heal your body, because when you let the grip of identity go, uncontaminated life moves in and sets things right.

It is like a fresh start.

Try it - see for yourself and tell me what you find!

What to expect

I’ve basically told you how to enter the healing state:

Pure intention + Stillness = The way

So what’s the healing process like?

When you look at your knee problem intelligently, and endeavor to solve it by being honest and straight in your perception, you may feel tremendous pain - incredible pain like you’ve never felt before, because you’ve never looked at it so clearly.

That’s alright.

Dive underneath the feeling and see the pain.

When there is only seeing, the pain no longer hurts you.

With the power of clarity of mind you move from “I have pain.” to “There is pain.”, which makes all the difference as far as your experience is concerned.

Pain does not equal suffering.

Pain is the fact, suffering is feeling - and feeling is not necessary.

You can have unbelievable amounts of pain, but not suffer one iota. Suffering comes from identification. But YOU are only there to see it.

This disidentification allows life to move in freely and do what is necessary to restore or replenish the fullness and goodness of life - the pristine idea of life before you strangled it with all your selfish demands, beliefs and thoughts about what should be rather than seeing what is.

Through intelligent looking, gradually your wound is healed from another place, because you don’t perpetuate the state of illness by thinking about it, but also not ignoring it.

The healing may take many, many sessions or it might happen in an instant - it all depends on your karma.

But this is the intelligent way.

For sake of completeness: What I’ve revealed in this short ebook will open up a new dimension of healing and replenishment for you, however, I recommend you to do this in addition to seeing a doctor, if your affliction is very severe. Don’t go from one extreme to the next and think you’ll never need a doctor again. If you need one, you need one and you should go. Though some people may find they’ll have to go less often, once they get experience with these practices. Also, I’m not a doctor or health expert.

Unfathomable depths of pure consciousness

I’ve told you a lot about healing now, but so far I’ve done little to describe the state of pure consciousness to you.

The main reason is that it cannot be described, and any endeavor to do so is only an invitation for your person to fantasize about it instead of getting rid of the person and experiencing it for yourself first-hand.

I will tell you now as best as I can what the state of pure consciousness is:

It is freedom.

Peace. Love. Harmony. Intelligence. Sweetness. Rightness. It’s true. Good. Silent. I’m at peace here. I’m in love here. I don’t have any problems. I love it. I’m vast and broad. Spacious. Gratitude. Thank you. I love you. Wonder.

And that’s it.

I trust I was able to communicate something of reality in this little guide to you.

Now you have to go and practice.

Sit down and look at your problem without interpreting or running away. If you get emotional, see that, too, and don’t jump in to identify.

Eventually this will become easy.

Thank you for reading.

– Yon

P.S.: These are only the “Fundamentals of Healing Yourself” - if you want to go even deeper, you’ll be excited to know that in the near future I’ll share more advanced practices within the scope of my teaching that’s called Body Knowledge.

In the meantime, you may be interested to check out my Meditation Mastery course - as meditation is the key to learning about yourself, and self-knowledge is the foundation of healing.

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