Conscious Evolution: The Missing Link To Harmony On Earth?

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Have you ever wondered why the world is in such a mess?

For the first time in human history we possess all the means and technologies to end suffering on Earth and create a world of love, joy, happiness and abundance for everyone.

But somehow it’s just not happening…

Despite our technological advancement and increase in productivity, humanity is as unhappy, restless and unfulfilled as ever, and all over the globe we remain trapped in conflict, struggle, war and division.

We are obviously not living up to our highest potential.

Why is that?

It is because almost all of our advancement has been external, with little to no progress made in the inner, conscious evolution of ourselves.

The results of this imbalance can be seen everywhere:

Be it in the exploitation of one another, or the devastating deflowering of the Earth, our own home-planet.

Simply put:

Our technological advancement has outpaced our spiritual advancement.

And it’s taking a huge toll on life on Earth.

How To Save The World – And Yourself

One thing is for sure:

If we refuse to change our ways and keep going down this same path, it’s only a matter of time before this “reign of unconsciousness” reaches its ultimate conclusion:

Complete destruction of life on Earth.

You may scoff at this notion and think it’s unlikely to happen, but you only need to take a good look at the world to see where we’re going:

Our technological advancement (without the inner evolution of consciousness to act as a counterbalance to our growing capabilities) has already produced the atom bomb, which brought us to the brink of self-annihilation.

It’s only a matter of time before this same unbridled scientific “genius” repeats itself and causes destruction on a mass scale again – whether it’s in the form of an even “better” bomb, or a cultured germ.

But I’m not here to predict the end of the world.

I’m here to show you that there’s another way, and that…

You – the individual man or woman – hold the keys to achieving harmony on Earth.

Needless to say:

If humanity’s consciousness as a whole is to evolve, the consciousness of every individual must evolve.

Inner evolution always starts with the individual, before it is shared with others by becoming the living embodiment of truth and self-knowledge.

You simply cannot save anyone from drowning before you yourself have learned how to swim.

So what can you do?

Become Self-Realized

If humanity wishes to go on to the next step without blowing itself up or making life on Earth worse than what it already is, we need more people on this beautiful blue planet, who are fully self-realized human beings, which means:

  1. To be conscious of your true nature (inner)

  2. To act out of that awareness (outer)

If you integrate these two principles, you will consciously create your life according to preference, insight and truth, rather than unconscious impulses – which may or may not be preferred.

This “waking up” enables you to become effective in the world, and also help others on their paths to becoming self-realized as well – a chain reaction of enlightenment.

It also means you are responsible for life on Earth, and whatever you do works towards the benefit of all and makes existence as a whole more beautiful.

And after all:

Why are we here, if not to know ourselves and enjoy our lives?

But don’t get me wrong:

Technological advancement is not a bad thing – it’s done humanity a great deal of good, where it hasn’t been misused.

But as you’ve seen above it needs to be balanced by a growing awareness of life within – and there’s not much time left before you are headed into the next horrific, self-made disaster – be it on a personal or global scale.

As humans we must finally develop the necessary consciousness to remain masters of our creations, and not allow them to unconsciously rule our lives…

… which is where Complete Self-Knowledge comes in:

Your Hub For Self-Realization & Spiritual Truth

This website has been created to assist you on your journey towards becoming a fully self-realized human being, capable of creating the life you prefer, while helping you to:

  • Discover the truth within and grow as an individual being

  • Live your self-found truth on Earth and help create a more beautiful existence for everyone

  • Connect with a spiritual community online that is on the same journey as you

And to make sure you receive the proper guidance on this path of conscious evolution, I (Yon) make my teaching of Complete Self-Knowledge available on this website – in case you need it.

Who Is Yon?

Hi, I’m a spiritual teacher born in Austria, who – through my profound teaching of self-knowledge – makes spiritual truth accessible to a new generation of truth-seekers, particularly from the West.

With over 5,000 hours in meditation and a life dedicated towards finding the truth, I’ve gained deep insight into the nature of existence, consciousness and the human mind.

This self-knowledge – which is really self-awareness attentively applied to one’s life experience – has allowed me to guide many people on their spiritual paths towards truth and help them overcome the difficult challenges and roadblocks they face along the way.

I occasionally share my insights on Instagram and have since attracted a “following” of over 100,000 people.

It is my life mission to advance the enlightenment of the human race and to help people realize their full potential consciously.

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