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Hi, This Is Yon!

I’m a spiritual teacher from Austria and I help people – particularly from the West – discover their true selves by guiding them on their spiritual journey towards the truth that’s inside all of us.

So far my teaching has inspired over 100,000 people from all over the world and I was lucky to meet hundreds of you personally.

As a spiritual guide, I can help you deal with all aspects of life – from meditation and the spiritual life to relationships, business and work, personal struggles, goals and ambitions, addictions, vitality and well-being – and, of course, discovering the truth within.

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Master Meditation And Discover The Truth Within

I’m currently working on translating all the lessons I’ve learned in my over 5,000 hours of meditation into a concise and easily accessible course that also supports you with an active online community.

With my Meditation Mastery course you will:

  • Learn how to meditate correctly and make it from complete beginner to master in the shortest time possible

  • Connect with people who are also on a journey of deepening self-awareness

  • Learn first-hand about the workings of your mind and experience a joy, happiness and freedom that don’t depend on anything external

  • Overcome self-limitations and grow as an individual being by discovering the truth within

  • Join me and the rest of the meditation group in exclusive weekly guided live meditations and q&a sessions, where you get to ask me questions personally

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